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Bassoon Bocal Cleaning Brush

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This product is designed specifically to clean out the inside of your bassoon bocal. Its flexible, easy to use and fits all bocals!

Reed filings, saliva and condensation can create an environment where bacteria can grow inside the bocal, so its important to clean regularly for your respiratory health and to ensure the most efficient bocal performance. Cleaning the bocal will ensure efficient airflow through your instrument making it easier to play.

Instructions for use:

  1. Run warm water through your bocal by allowing the stream of water from the tap to flow through for about a minute
  2. Remove the bocal from the water stream and carefully thread bocal brush through the bocal
  3. Run water through the bocal again to dislodge loosened particles and build-up.
  4. Rinse the bocal brush and dry before storing
  5. Gently poke a pin or needle through the bocal nipple to ensure it is clear of debis.

Remember to clean your bocal each month, when you change your regular playing bocal, when you purchase a new bocal, or when another person has played your bocal.

Recommended to be used with a spray of 'Steri-spray', sanitising instrument cleaning spray available in-store at sweetreeds.com

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