• EM Wooden Oboe Reed Case
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EM Wooden Oboe Reed Case

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This beautiful reed case will give you so much pleasure! 

  • Fine grain wooden case
  • Quality metal 'push button' clasp
  • Side air holes to allow air flow
  • Rubber spacers to hold reeds securely
  • Foam reed resting bed to ensure reeds don't move during transit
  • velveteen lining
  • inner hinge allows opening to 170 degrees (almost flat)
  • solid but light construction

Finely crafted from wood, and beautifully lacquered so the natural grain of the timber creates a textural look and feel.   The discrete metal 'push button' clasp feels solid and durable and tells of the quality and detail that's been invested in producing this case.  The lining is soft fine black velveteen and the rubber reed housing, not only contains routed sections that hold and separate each reed securely, but also a resting bed of hard foam, to ensure the reeds stay secure during transit.  Finally each side of the case has cut outs to ensure air flow, so reeds are free to dry and breathe while safely ensconced, preventing mold and bacterial growth. 

The case is a convenient size measuring 10cm long x 13 cm wide by 2.5 cm high

Accessorise with a Sweet Reeds animal sticker (free with each order)!

Blonde wood and mahogany wood available 

Available to hold 9 or 14 reeds

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