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Hodge Silk Alto Saxophone Swab

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This weighted cleaning swab will leave your plumbing shining like new!

  • Fits Alto Saxophone
  • Fine silk flexes to give smooth passage through the insides of your instrument. 
  • Delicate edge stitching provides no bulk at the edges of the cloth. 
  • Has a fine cord and is designed to be pulled through fully assembled instrument (minus the reed of course)
  • Cord has one tear-drop shaped weight on the end (weight dimensions; approx 11mm long by 8mm diameter)
  • One swab included in the package fits the entire instrument
  • And it comes in a variety of colours.
Instructions for use:
  1. Lower the weight and cord through the bell and turn instrument upside down
  2. Feed the cord through the instrument until the weight exits the mouthpiece
  3. Pull cord and swab through the instument
  4. Pull swab in a downward motion from the mouthpiece to prevent wear on the lip of the mouthpiece
  5. Alternatively, remove mouthpiece and neck and swab these components separately

Care Instructions:

Machine wash with cold water, tumble dry on low temperature if required.

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