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Rad Reeds Oboe Reed

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RAD Reeds are our best selling reeds, because they are Fabulous with a capital F! 

If you're looking for a reed that will enable you to play easily, RAD reeds are our number one choice. 

Customers tell us that RAD Reeds:

  • Are ideal for oboists who are seeking reeds that work effortlessly
  • Produce sound easily making them perfect for beginners and students
  • Have a lovely tone
  • Have the ability to create dynamics, accurate articulation, smooth legato and a variety of tone colours with ease
  • Are well made with a very high quality and consistency
  • All RAD reeds are good reeds, no duds!
  • RAD reeds look great: the blades line up, the aperture is nicely arched, the cane is evenly scraped, quality chiarugi staples are used and the bindings come in a wonderful lucky dip of beautiful variegated colours
  • And RAD reeds are fabulous! (This is genuinely what so many people have said about RAD Reeds and why they are our best selling reed!)

The reason RAD reeds are so good is because:

  • They are carefully hand-made using German tools
  • They are created from cane sourced from French and Spanish cane fields, mostly Alliaud and Rouche cane
  • Every reed is individually tested by the maker including a full play-test.  Reeds that don't pass the testing process are not sold.
  • Each reed is made by the master reed-maker for whom the quality of each individual reed is a reflection on them as a maker, teacher and musician.  The reed-maker is passionate and dedicated to the quality of their product.
  • Each reed is made with ease of playing in mind; a little extra care in the shaping and scraping can make all the difference.  Care is taken to ensure notes are stable, in tune, and secure to play.  The reed testing process ensures that all these details are adjusted so you don't have to do this refinement!

RAD reeds are the number one choice for schools with beginning and emerging oboe students of all ages. 

Not just a student reed however, many advanced and semi-professional players choose RAD Regular reeds, as well as the RAD Professional Reeds (see our separate product listing for these), due to the ease of sound production and quality of tone of these reeds

RAD Reeds come in two main varieties:

  1. Regular RAD oboe reeds (this product listing)
  2. Professional RAD oboe reeds (see our separate listing for Professional RAD oboe reeds)
  3. Baroque RAD reeds  (see separate listing for Baroque RAD reeds)
  4. and RAD Reeds also make a custom baroque reed where you can choose your own staple and stipulate reed length, width and other details so a perfect reed can be customised  (see separate listing for Custom RAD baroque oboe reeds)

We need to mention the coloured bindings

RAD Reeds are bound in an exciting lucky-dip selection of variegated colored threads from Squirelly Stash Thread Makers. Players find the coloured binding threads make it easy to organise their reeds, for example,  to identify which reed out of a number of different reeds in their reed box is their reed-of-choice for the day and make reed rotation and identification easier.

When purchasing for young students, some teachers and parents find that colour helps to inspire the student to practice and enjoy this element of the musical process. 

NB* If you would like a specific favorite colour of binding please include a note in the comments section of your order! 

Would you like to know more? Meet the Maker!

RAD Reeds are made by Andrew Angus.  As a career musician of both modern and baroque oboe (and variants) initially Andrew struggled to find the perfect reed.  As an oboe teacher Andrew experienced first-hand how many students struggled with the challenge of playing oboe on reeds that were heavy and cumbersome to play. 

Have you struggled to produce a tone, or tried to start a note that just wouldn't?

Andrew set out to solve this problem.  He experimented with a number of methods and over a many years began to find the ideal combination of making techniques, cane selection and trimming methods to produce a reed that was (finally!) easy to play!  Andrew is truly passionate about reed making, as you can see by looking him up on facebook or instagram! The quality of his methods are evident in the high number of his students who have gone on to pursue tertiary music study.  Teachers who have been guiding their students to RAD reeds are also reporting high success rates in their music programs, program attendance, music exam and performance results and numbers of students undertaking further oboe studies. 

Uniquely RAD reeds offer excellent response and control and are ideal for oboists who are seeking reeds that work effortlessly.

And also Andrew is closely related to the Sweet Reeds family, which means we are so lucky!

We are best positioned and first available to attain reeds from Andrew and able to ship them to you quickly (same day where possible) where other suppliers may not!

Don't hesitate - order your RAD Reeds from us at Sweet Reeds today! You'll be glad you did!

Watch Andrew Angus make Rad! Oboe Reeds! The stages of selecting cane, cutting and shaping are shown here.

Would you like to hear how a Rad!Reed sounds? 

Meet Carolyn Morris, composer, teacher, and musician who plays oboe and piano and writes music for the Australian Examinations Board and Australasian Double Reed Society.  

Carolyn has chosen a Rad! Professional Reed for her latest composition of a piece for oboe and piano; Dance in the Sun.


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