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Reed Soaking cup for Bassoon and Oboe with music stand clip

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When we first saw this product we thought it was the best thing since the invention of reed tip cutters! We still do!  This great little cup not only holds your reed water, but clips to your music stand!

When I meet my student for lessons, I always put the reed soaking cup on the floor at our feet.  Inevitably, one of us, in a moment of musical abandon, kicks over the soaking cup, tipping water and reeds onto the floor.  It is a running gag.  Each lesson we place a wager on who will be the one to tip over the soaking cup.  But no longer, Alas, my ability to entertain my student by encouraging clumsiness is a thing of the past with this reed soaking container.  There is no reason for this cup to be upended by a clumsy foot during a spurt of musical enthusiasm. The only way you could disturb this cup is to knock your music stand over, so musical lesson comedy is not completely lost....!  But the stakes just become a lot higher...

What are the benefits of this fantastic little container you ask?

The metal clip is a nifty spring-like contraption in light weight aluminum.  We have tested this and can confidently say that it fits our stands with 23mm diameter and 14mm diameter.

The clear plastic cup fits a total of 60ml of water.  It has a handy water indicator on the side with markings for 30ml, 45 ml and 60 ml.  When filling the cup, you can choose the depth of water that is ideal for your reed length.

The cup is made by Tupperware (incidentally) and is dishwasher safe

The cup also has the brand 'Jones' emblazoned in red across the front.  This is particularly helpful if your name is Jones, as it is already personalised for you! 

The cup comes with a blue lid.  The lid is a very, very snug fit right out of the package.  We initially thought this was a significant disadvantage of the product, as it feels too difficult to close as is.  However, we've discovered (by reading the back of the package) that you need to place the container in a bowl of boiling water for one minute.  Then you remove the cup from the hot water and place the lid on the cup.  Leave the cup and lid assembly to cool.  This process makes the fit the cup easier,

The cup is 6cm high by 5cm diameter at its widest point.  the clip is 8 cm long in total.

Please note:  If you enjoy entertaining your students or colleagues by finding ever more creative ways of spilling your reed water, this may not be the product for you.

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