Rieger Shape 1a Bassoon Reed - Red

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Light but not flighty

Our extensive ‘laboratory’ tests (we donned our white coats, stethoscopes and magnifying glasses for these assessments) and found the Rieger 1a to be a medium to light reed which isn’t buzzy.

This reed played well in all registers but has a narrower throat than the Rieger 1 multicolour, so it handled the high D’s in ‘Rite of Spring’ effortlessly.  On average the Rieger 1a had a slight tendency to play sharp in the middle register, middle E was very stable, and not quite as strong on the very bottom of the instrument. 

As a beginner to intermediate player, Jo has taken a shine to these reeds as they are easy to play, easy to pitch and have a lovely tone.


More Information

Georg Rieger, has been playing bassoon for 65 years.   A skilled tool maker and reed maker, has a passion for making tools and machines for reed making, based on his own playing experience.  Rieger Bassoon Reeds are made in Germany in the heart of the Black Forest.  Now a thriving industrial enterprise with a skilled team of technicians, Rieger is proud of the reliability and success of their products.  56 years of development and manufacture ensure that Rieger produce high quality reeds with above average durability and functionality.

Laboratory method 

Normally suppliers will provide information on their reeds for us to publish on our website.  This was not the case with Rieger reeds.  Therefore, we undertook our own testing.  Under strict laboratory conditions (aka:  the lounge room), within a temperature controlled environment (the split system was on), we chose a random sample of reeds (just picked some from the box) and carefully tested them (we had a decent play on each one).   

The bassoons involved in the testing were “Manfred” a slick young Yamaha and “Poulty”, the haunted 1960’s model Puchner. 

We strapped crisp white paper into our clipboards, donned pencils behind our ears and blew, buzzed and played until we had nutted out the properties of each reed.  Then we bought out the precision measuring instruments (the plastic ruler Matt had from high school) and noted the physical properties of each reed (ie: length and width).  The results are presented in the reed description.  We hope our testing helps you make your reed choice!  

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