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Hodge Silk Bassoon Swab

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Silk Bassoon Swab for cleaning out the inside of your rocket launcher. 

  • Fine silk flexes to give smooth passage through the intestines of your instrument. 
  • Delicate edge stitching provides no bulk at the edges of the cloth. 
  • The cord is weighted with a string of weights (approx 15 cm string) which are gentle on the bassoon's stomach.
  • One swab included in the package fits both wing and boot joint.
  • And it comes in a variety of colours.
Instructions for use:

  1. Take instrument apart
  2. Drop ball chain through the large side of the boot joint
  3. Jiggle boot joint until chain falls through the other side
  4. Pull swab through the boot joint
  5. Drop ball chain through large end of the wing joint and pull swab through

Care Instructions:

Machine wash with cold water, tumble dry on low temperature if required.

*Silk swabs are so easy to clean and quick to dry, I've often handwashed mine in the basin with hand soap, rinsed with cold water and hung on a door knob to dry - Jo

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