• Hodge Silk Clarinet Swab
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Hodge Silk Clarinet Swab

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Silk clarinet swab for cleaning out the inside of your licorice stick.

  • Fits the Bb and A Clarinet
  • Fine silk flexes to give smooth passage through the intestines of your instrument. 
  • Delicate edge stitching provides no bulk at the edges of the cloth. 
  • Has a safety cord so it won't get stuck as it is pulled through fully assembled instrument (minus the reed of course)
  • Cord has one rod-shaped weight on the end (weight dimensions; approx 40mm long by 1.5mm diameter)
  • One swab included in the package fits the entire instrument
  • And it comes in a variety of colours.
Instructions for use:
  1. Remove Reed
  2. Remove mouthpiece (optional)
  3. Drop weight through bell and pull swab through the instrument

Care Instructions:

Machine wash with cold water, tumble dry on low temperature if required.

*Silk swabs are so easy to clean and quick to dry, I've often handwashed mine in the basin with hand soap, rinsed with cold water and hung on a door knob to dry - Jo

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