About Us

Hi!  I'm Jo, and I created Sweet Reeds because the numbers of students taking up woodwind instruments is declining.    Sweet Reeds aims to entice, motivate and inspire people, not only to take up playing a woodwind instrument, but to continue playing and learning and enjoying music for many years.

Matthew Angus has helped me along this journey.  He is a professional Australian bassoonist, woodwind teacher and conductor.  Ultimately Matt and I think that music should be fun!

We are not about being stand-offish, unhelpful or trivial.  We are not about dark colours, sombre content and cluttered webpages.   We are not about providing sub-standard products, long delivery times or poor service.  

We are about being there to help when you need advice.  

We are about keeping our promises and providing quality products which inspire your creativity.  

We are about inspiring you to think creatively about music.  

Our vision is to celebrate that music is fun, there is joy in playing music, a joy in connecting through music, and a joy in the achievement of new skills.  

We celebrate the magic of music by bringing creative musical accessories to you.  Music doesn’t have to be serious, and neither do we.  Well, only when we have too.  

Check out our store.  Sign up for our newsletter.  Encourage someone to take up playing an instrument.  Buy a flavoured reed and saunter around your practice space sucking it as though it were a chuppa chup (red cherry is my favorite flavour - Jo).  Have fun!  And let us know what you think!

Matthew J. Angus, professional Australian Bassoonist and Community Symphonic band Conductor. Check out Matthew playing bassoon.