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Danzi Bassoon Reeds - Professional

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A beautiful singing reed

We love these reeds!  The Danzi reed has a lot of cane on it to begin with, for the freedom of shaping and adjusting it to your playing style.  

Once adjusted Danzi professional reed performs admirably in all registers with a lovely clear sound and excellent dynamic control.  Starting with a batch of 10 we found a high degree of consistency, with 60% finding themselves directly snaffled into the reed case to be put to work and the remaining 40% providing the promise of being wonderful reeds with some minor adjustments and /or playing in.  The most impressive characteristic of the Danzi reeds has been the density of the cane. 

In different growing conditions each individual stalk of cane (a natural plant material) can have differing ratios of hard cellular material and soft pithy matter.  The Danzi cane has a higher ratio of harder celluar material, which means it holds its tonal qualities, is a very consistent reed and dosn't sag after a period of work.  Its mouth-feel is like biting into a crisp apple, with some resistance but with enough cane taken off the tips and edges to provide a free vibrating reed.  The result is a reed that can perform dynamics, and delicate tonal contrasts, suitable for solo players and those seeking complete freedom and control. We were so excited about these reeds that we contacted Danzi to order more!  Matt has now been playing them in his professional principal and tutti bassoon work (which incidentally, is why we needed to order more!)

It's important to note that Danzi reeds are definitely a professional reed for players who have advanced skills in adjusting reeds.
These are definately a pro

Danzi are well known suppliers of both cane and reeds.  These lovely reeds come from Milan, Italy.  And just like opera, chianti and espresso, these little guys will quickly become your favorite Italian things!

The professional reed comes in two lengths

  • Regular Danzi Shape - Dark red binding
  • Long - Danzi 2 Shape, 2000ths of a cm larger than the Regular - Light brown binding
Both professional Danzi reeds are stocked here in Medium strength


Our testing method ...

Normally suppliers will provide information on their reeds for us to publish on our website.  But we have been testing and using reeds for so long that we like to make our own assessment.  We contemplate each reed as we play it,  we consider who would use these reeds? Under what kind of playing conditions do these reeds perform best? 

Some reeds are moreish,  they play so well you want to fill your reed case with them.  When reeds we've tested not only end up in our reed cases but we just can't stop at one or two, we know we've found something valuable to offer to other bassoon players.

The bassoons involved in the testing were “Harold” a very old and beautiful Heckel from the 1930's (older than our grandparents!) and “Edgar”, the impish younger Yamaha. 

We hope our testing helps you make your reed choice!  But if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us!

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