Sterispray Instrument and Reed Sanitiser

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Sanitise for Safety!

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This fantastic pocket-sized spray bottle of specialist sanitising spray is a must have for all musicians, teachers and schools!

This specialist formula is safe for the use with musical instruments, reeds and mouthpieces including wood, brass, plastic and composite surfaces. 

  • Available in 60 ml (2 oz) and 240 ml (8 oz)  Fine Mist Spray Bottle - choose your size from the drop down list above.
  • Exclusive, safe, and effective formula for use on all materials and surfaces.
  • The active ingredients in this disinfectant prevent and kill germs.
  • No rinse formula
  • Contains no alcohol
  • Fragrance Free
  • Fine mist spray
  • Safe to use for children's instruments

At Sweet Reeds we sanitise everything!  We believe you can never be too careful with instrument safety.  We've all heard stories of musicians breathing harmful bacteria from years of using an instrument that was harboring nasties inside.  Or the time when the teacher tested a student's reed without thinking twice about it.  Today we wouldn't consider those things without thinking about safety.  This is why every musician needs a bottle of Sterispray in their gig bag or instrument case.

The many uses of Sterispray include:

Reeds - Spray 2 - 4 doses of Sterispray into a shot glass of water.  Soak you reed in the glass for a minute, leave to dry before playing. 

Mouthpieces -  Spray Sterispray directly onto your mouthpiece, covering all surfaces.  Leave to dry before playing.

Instruments - Spray Sterispray onto your instrument swab until swab is damp.  Swab your instrument as normal.  Leave the cloth and instrument to dry.  We have tested Sterispray on all instruments, including precious wooden instruments, with very positive results.

Instrument Cases - No more damp old instrument case smell when you use Sterispray. Hold 10-20 cm from your case surfaces and mist Sterispray over and round your case to freshen and sanitise

Cleaning Swabs - apply a few sprays to your instrument swab after washing and between washes to freshen, deodorize and sterilise. 

Surfaces - wipe down reed cases, music stands, binder folders with a cloth dampened with a few sprays of Sterispray.

Effective against the following bacteria after 5 minutes on hard, non-porous surfaces: :

Salmonella, Staphylococcus, Burkholderia cepacia, Campylobacter jejuni, Clostridium perfringens-vegetative, Listeria monocytogenes, Hepatitis B Virus, Hepatitis C Virus, Herpes Simplix Type 1 & 2, Human Immunodeficiendy Virus (HIV-1), Avian Influenza, Influenza A & A2, Norovirus, (Norwalk-like Virus, Feline Calcivirus), Vaccina Virus (smallpox Vaccine Virus), Canine Distemper Virus, Canine Coronavirus, Equine Influenza A Virus, Equine Herpes Virus, Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis Virus, Newcastle Disease Virus, Transmissible Gastroenteritis Virus and more - Please contact us for the full list!

How long does a bottle last I hear you ask? A little goes a long way! We e-commerce the small 60 ml bottle for personal use by individuals and music teachers and the larger bottle is better suited to organisations such as band or orchestral groups and school music programs.

Click here for the Material Safety Data Sheet

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