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The Gilt Lining to your Reed Case

We first tried these beautiful reeds while on holiday overseas, we fell in love with the way they played and came home with a our reed cases bursting at the seams with these stunning gilded reeds! We decided we could stand by the quality and consistency of this product and had to share these reeds with you!
What we like about these reeds is how consistent and easy blowing they are.  There are always individual variances in each piece of cane, and some are slightly softer or harder than the others in the box, so its always best to buy two or more at at time.  But the quality of the workmanship is evident in each individual reed, from the beautiful golden binding, to the precise labeling, to the detailed way each reed is made with time and care.   
We are offering two strengths of the Golden Reed:
Medium Soft:
  • These are easy to play straight from the box. 
  • They handle soft entries, large dynamic contrasts, accurate articulation and the tuning is spot-on. 
  • A flexible and competent reed! 
This is an ideal choice for players who don't tamper with their reeds too much, who like a lighter blowing reed that is consistent across the scale yet has a crisp mouth-feel, resists sogginess over a long playing session, and performs very well in the practice room and the auditorium.
This reed performs well for second bassoon playing as it has good response for those low quiet entries and plays in tune at the bass of the stave.  But what I love about this reed is that it also sings well in the high register allowing the player to climb to the upper reaches of the Tenor Clef notes.  Good for all players who need a solid all-round reed, one that can play a solo easily with a sweet, bright tone.  This is a reed you won't need to manipulate beyond basic adjustments.
Medium Hard:
  • Good for advanced players who customise their reeds
  • Stable tuning and accurate intonation

These are reeds for the advanced player who likes to make tweaks and adjustments to the reed to adapt it specifically to their playing needs and instrument.  The maker has left more cane across the back of the reed and the front section of the reed's heart.  The Medium Hard reed may be open at the tip, and require adjusting through the wires to the players optimum aperture.  On some reeds the open F was flat, which suited Jo on a Yamaha very well (as the open F on the Yamaha can tend to the sharp side).  However Matt adjusted the rear wire to reduce the dip in the F on his bassoon.  What impressed Matt the most, was that the cane was in the right places to create a solid, stable, medium hard reed with excellent overall tuning,  Again the crisp mouth feel, resistance to sogginess and the quality of the build impressed.  

About the Reed Maker
Ben Exell is a professional bassoonist based in the UK has been experimenting with reed design with the aim of unearthing the bassoon holy grail of reed design!  After 14 years ofworking with master reed-makers all over the world, creating, testing, analysing and finessing, he has discovered a formula which works for players with different tastes, styles and reed preferences.  Has Ben truly discovered the holy grail?  The key to the perfect reed?  We'll let you be the judge.

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