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Blow reed bubbles!

As a reed player, when it comes to gum, you prefer to blow rather than chew.  Of course, bubblegum flavoured reeds blow the best reed bubbles.  

Here’s how! 

Step 1.  Take a fresh clarinet or saxophone flavoured reed

Step 2.  Moisten the top of the reed's blade and heart with a good glump of spit (it may sound gross, but no-where near as bad as using the chair that was previously occupied by a brass player… I’ll just say one word to describe that   …..puddle    ……ewww)

Step 3.  Where were we?  Oh yes…. moisten the reed then blow air through the base.  

Step 4.  Look down at the reed while blowing (becoming cross-eyed at this point is perfectly normal). 

With the correct amount of saliva on the reed and the right amount of cross eyed-ness, you’ll see reed bubbles.  This is actually a test of the quality of the cane.  Good cane makes good bubbles! 

This is a party trick to perform for brass players, ‘cos after all, all they can do with their condensation is make puddles. 

Nutrition facts

 Reed colour*
fandango sunset (from the paint shop colour samples)
 Flavour strength
2 stars
light and faintly bubblegummy
life is full of regrets
sugar free and proudly artificial

* colour variations will occur

 Reed Facts

  • Flavoreeds are made from quality cane, grown in the South of France; the same region from where Vandoren cane is harvested. They are made by a well known French manufacturer.

  • The ingredients used in flavoreeds are natural sugar-free food additives, like those found in baked goods in any supermarket.

  • Students generally find that unflavoured reeds have an unpleasant taste.  Because flavoreeds taste good, students report higher motivation to practice.

  • The flavour is imbued into the pores of the reeds, so it lasts practically as long as the reed lasts.  When the flavour runs out, it's time to use a new reed!

  • Flavoured reeds are not a gimmick, they are genuine playing reeds for musicians at all levels.

For more information and for details on how to care for your reeds see our topics page.


 Size Guide

Almost too hard to blow but if you can handle it, gives a lovely clear tone and stability in the high notes.  For the advanced player.  Also good for ‘chops of steel’ competitions amongst your friends.
For strong lips that regularly pump 30 reps of 10 kilograms on an off night at the gym.  For the advancing player doing a lot of playing.
Medium Hard
These are getting harder to blow through and suited for those who wish to achieve good tone.
For the beginner to intermediate player or for lasting through longer jam sessions.
Soft and easy to blow through.  Suitable beginners as it is easier to produce a sound, also equally suited for the mild mannered and the quietly spoken.

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