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Double Reed Case for Oboe and Bassoon Reeds

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  • Stores five oboe or bassoon reeds at ideal humidity level
  • Includes one 72% relative humidity pack, which keep your reeds at the correct moisture level for optimal playing.

This handsome black case holds five bassoon or oboe reeds (or both at once if you double!) 

The case contains the Reed Vitalizer,  which is a nifty bit of technology for controlling humidity levels.  Knowing how sensitive double reeds are to changes in moisture, this feature is a must-have, rendering our reeds supple and playable in even the most changeable of climates (particularly helpful for those travelling, or living in ‘four-seasons-in-one-day’ locations).

It’s likely you’ve experienced the disappointment of opening your reed case to find damaged reeds from transit, or worse, from the lid crushing the reed tips.  Not so with this case, as reeds are held securely in place, with an airtight gasket protecting the seal, keeping the reeds safe and stable when travelling.

The case comes with one humidity control pack keeping the reeds at an optimum 72% relative humidity.  The humidity control pack is simple to use.  This technology uses two-way humidity control to promote longevity and prevent warping and cracking. Reed Vitalizer Humidity Control packs self-regulate to the ideal relative humidity inside your reed case and last for 45-60 days. Additional humidity control packs can be purchased separately.  The wetting of sponges and moisture monitoring using atmospheric gauges is not required, as with some other systems.  The control pack does all the work while sitting quietly in the case.

We both use these cases, particularly when traveling, and we work with professional players who we have spied packing their reeds into this case, so we are confident in recommending this product!

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