Bassoon Performance Swab

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Your Black Tie Event Swab!

Have you been invited to a special performance?  Is the dress code Black Tie? Then this charming and elegant swab is your must have accessory!

Perfectly designed for the performing musician, this is the essential swab to accompany you on stage.   The discrete black swab will blend into the surrounds and is for the most particular and discerning of players!

A perfect on-stage companion and a wonderful gift for the musician's stage debut!

The key features of these swabs are:

  • Double layer of fine fabric in silk/cotton blend  gives higher moisture wicking compared to swabs with one fabric layer 
  • The use of fine fabric ensures there is no risk of the swab getting caught
  • The slender tie-shaped design provides snag-free travel through the instrument
  • The low friction swab travels quickly through the instrument making packing up a little quicker! 
  • Durable cord
  • String of weights
  • One swab fits both wing and boot joints
  • No more embarrassing moments trying to discretely use a ghastly bright coloured pull-through on stage or in the pit!
  • Discrete black swab is the perfect swab colour for the stage or pit!
  • Environmentally friendly plastic-free packaging
  • Hand made in Australia by a local textile artesan
  • Care instructions provided

Sweet Reeds are proud to feature these swabs.  We have tested them ourselves and we love them so much we are now using them as our full time swabs. Matt finds it wicks his water-prone instrument much more effectively than his previous swab (which was a single-layer teardrop shaped silk swab).  And the 'tie' shape makes Jo feel safe that it won’t get caught in the top joint!

For the performing musician your concert kit includes black 'dress', polished black shoes, instrument, music, and now you can have a matching black performance swab!  With this swab your onstage kit is complete!  It also doubles perfectly as a pocket kerchief or neck-scarf for the complete performing look!

About the Maker

Tracey Nuthall is the creator of "Costumes Without Drama" based in Melbourne.  She is passionate about ensuring that every child can have access to a costume for their school production.  She is also acutely conscious of the environment and actively seeks ways to reuse and recycle in her work.  The result is a person who is a dynamic powerhouse of care, resourcefulness and creativity, and this comes through in her work.  We love that these are handmade in Melbourne because we care about supporting local industry.  We also love the plastic-free packaging!  These little cuties are packaged with care by hand, using recycled card.  We are proud to support women like Tracey in business and appreciate her hard work, her time and diligence and the many conversations we've shared to test and develop these fantastic swabs!

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