Oboe Themed Badges - 7.5cm diameter

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For the oboist with the mostest

Has someone you know reached an important oboe milestone?  Achieved great oboe things?
Are worthy of encouragement, accolades and congratulations?  Do they love their oboe (and love irony?)

Then this will be the gift you're looking for!  This pack of three badges includes

  • Badge 1:  "Oboe Hero" featuring a wig-wearing cat who holds an oboe with streamers flying from its bell
  • Badge 2:  "My favorite colour is oboe" featuring an oboe with a colour splash flowing from its bell
  • Badge 3:  Ironic saying - "You think this sounds bad, you should hear my other reed" featuring a broken and split oboe reed
These badges;
  • Can be worn on a garment, carry bag or instrument case
  • Made from aluminum steel with metal pin
  • Dimensions 7.5 cm diameter
  • What you get is three badges for the one great price!
Parents, teachers, family and friends, you've never been more proud of your oboe hero, oboe reed or oboe playing!  Or buy them for yourself!

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