• Neotech Neck strap (NEOCEO)
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Neotech Neck strap (NEOCEO)

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Soft Neoprene neck strap suitable for Clarinet and Oboe/Cor Anglais The Neotech Comfort Strap is a durable neoprene clarinet/oboe strap combining quality leather and a custom cord. The C.E.O. Comfort Strap provides comfort for your neck and shoulders while providing relief for thumb fatigue. Fits the clarinet, English horn, and oboe.

The one of a kind slide holds the desired length while offering easy, 2-finger adjustment. Connects by either a unique leather tab that fastens to your thumb rest or with a plastic-covered metal hook. Has an adaptor included for use with all brands of clarinet. This neck strap supports the majority of the weight of the instrument but also has a slight stretch allowing for movement while playing. Highly recommended for students with smaller hands.

·         Streamlined design

·         Fully adjustable

·         Easy to attach with a plastic-covered metal hook or thumb rest tab

·         Unique adjustment slide

·         Very strong and durable

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