Clarinet / Alto Saxophone & Tenor Saxophone Reed Guard - Yellow

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Reed Guard for Clarinet / Alto Saxophone and Tenor Saxophone

This yellow Reed Guard is a perfect way to keep your flavoured reeds (and regular reeds) safe and protected.

How to keep your reeds in top shape:

I don’t mean take them to the gym, I’m talking about keeping them dry, secure and ready-to-play.

 1.  Be gentle with your reed.  They are delicate little wafer-thin do-dads which require delicate handling.  Gnawing on them or using them to clean your teeth will dramatically reduce their life-span, maybe even inflict them with a fatal condition known as splitting, cracking or general reed death.  This is bad.

2.   Keep your reeds in a flavour-saver otherwise known as a reed guard. Reed guards allow your reeds to dry out effectively between use and prolongs reed life by keeping them flat and protected. 

3.  Rotate your reeds so you have two or three that are ready to play at any time.  This requires that these reeds have been broken-in (a woodwind term for saddling your reed to your mouthpiece and making it play, until it blows and articulates freely).

4.  Keep your reeds away from puppies, pet rodents, small children and anyone who is likely to use them for ill gain. 

Bonus:  The flavoureed reed guard is a fabulous way to display your flavoured reeds with all their stunning colours.  A must for a doubler, holding different sized reeds (clarinet / saxophone) easily.

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