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KGE Student Oboe Reed - Artist

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Low cost entry option

These KGE Student reeds are the low cost entry option for student oboists.   They use the same quality cane as all KGE reeds.  The difference with the student range of reeds is the lower density of the cane which makes the reed less resistant and easier to play.  Because of this, these reeds are more suited to developing embrasures.  These are a popular reed at a good entry price.

Technical Specifications

Wired, European style
Staple Length
47 mm


The KGE student reeds come in two models

  1. Artist
  2. Intermediate (please see corresponding product page for this model)                         

Please note: we are unable to request specific staples from KGE. However if you have a preference for #1-47 or #2-47 staples, please specify this in the comments section of your purchase.  Although we can’t guarantee, we will do what we can to find the size staple requested.

About KGE Reeds?

In 1988 Ke-Xun began selling reeds to Howarth to support his oboe studies.  In 1989 Ke-Xun moved to Australia, and while continuing his oboe studies, he taught oboe reed making at the Queensland Conservatory of Music.  Eventually the demand for Ke-Xun's reeds increased dramatically and he decided to become a full time oboe reed maker.

It has been previously accepted that hand-made reeds are better quality than those made by machine, however, since Ke-Xun has developed his method he is now challenging this view.  Ke-Xun is now certain that his machine made reeds are a superior quality with greater accuracy and consistency than his own hand-made reeds.  His method is based on lengthy research and his experience as an oboist, reed maker and now also as an engineer.

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