Orange Flavoured Alto Saxophone Reed - Twin Pack

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Brighten up your day!

To turn up the brightness of your day, try an orange reed.  With its juicy orange flavour, this reed provides the pep you’d receive from a vitamin C hit, without actually providing any vitamins!  It’s packed with performing goodness, and bright enough to warrant wearing shades.

Nutrition facts

 Reed colour*

like name like nature

 Flavour strength2 stars
 Scentfaintly scented
 Stainno lip stain from this one
 Sugarbone fide sugar free

* colour variations will occur

Reed Facts

  • Flavoreeds are made from quality cane, grown in the South of France.  The same region from where Vandoren cane is harvested. They are made by a well known French manufacturer.
  • The ingredients used in flavoreeds are natural sugar-free food additives, like those found in baked goods in any supermarket.
  • Students generally find that unflavoured reeds have an unpleasant taste.  Because flavoreeds taste good, students report higher motivation to practice.
  • The flavour is imbued into the pores of the reeds, so it lasts practically as long as the reed lasts.  When the flavour runs out, it's time to use a new reed!
  • Flavoured reeds are not a gimmick, they are genuine playing reeds for musicians at all levels.
For more information and for details on how to care for your reeds see our topics page.


Size Guide



Almost too hard to blow but if you can handle it, gives a lovely clear tone and stability in the high notes.  For the advanced player.  Also good for ‘chops of steel’ competitions amongst your friends.


For strong lips that regularly pump 30 reps of 10 kilograms on an off night at the gym.  For the advancing player doing a lot of playing.

Medium Hard

These are getting harder to blow through and suited for those who wish to achieve good tone.


For the beginner to intermediate player or for lasting through longer jam sessions.


Soft and easy to blow through.  Suitable beginners as it is easier to produce a sound, also equally suited for the mild mannered and softly spoken.

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