Stickers for Musicians

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Musical Inspiration is right here!

Picture these wonderful stickers on your music, pencil case, reed case, music case, music folder, music stand - any where you can think of!

Featuring 6 stickers each with its own inspirational message:

  • Monkey playing the oboe "#oboelyfe"
  • Koala playing the bassoon "Awesome"
  • Cat playing the clarinet "Fab!"
  • Giraffe playing the saxophone "Jazzy"
  • Monkey playing the oboe "Rad"
  • "#Lit" Because music is the best!
  • Each sticker is 2.5cm square
We've taken our animal stickers to a new level and made your favorite characters available to inspire you and your music!

Play happy with these musical animal characters and enjoy practicing!

Team them with a musical animal print cleaning swab for additional inspiration!  Or give some to your teacher for some inspiration too!

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