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Sweet Reeds Pty Ltd
ABN:  5563 5824 930
223 Esplanade West
Port Melbourne VIC 3207

Best Reeds for your Students' Needs!

We are musicians and teachers, ask us about the best reeds for the needs of your student.  The type of reed a student needs might depend on what pieces they are preparing.  We can help!

AMEB Syllabus

We stock selected grade books from the Australian Musical Examinations Board. Any thing we don't have, we can get (or help you access) please ask us!

Reed Making

We have an extensive range of reed making equipment including beginer reed making kits.  Please ask us if there's something you need and talk to us about further discounted student reed-making prices.

In Victoria we can arrange for a reed making specialist (oboe and bassoon) to visit your double reed class for a hands onlesson in reed construction!  Our reed making specialists are teachers, performers and professional reed makers and hold current working with children checks.

Specialised Equipment

  • Bassoon hand rest?  No problem! 
  • Need a Tenor Saxophone Neck?  No problem! 
  • A swab for a mini bassoon?  Got those and they come in the cutest animal music print fabric!
  • Looking for advice on the best harness for a bassoon or Baritone Sax?  Tried them all!
  • Need a reed making kit for double reed students! We have accessible kits for bassoon and oboe students!

Ask us to help you source items to help you keep your instrument fleet up and running!

Reed Tryouts

Contact us for a reed tryout session, where students come to our location or we come to you!  We bring reeds, students try them until they find the perfect match for their instrument! + **

And lots of Fun Stuff!

Woodwind specific motivational stickers to reward and encourage students - check! (click here)

Colourful and engaging cleaning swabs that make students want to use them - how good is that!  (here's an example)

Bright reed cases, sweet cork grease treats and flavored reeds that make them want to practice!

Wonderful student gifts at accessible prices! Buttons, badges and pins!

and lots of free animal stickers! (included in every order!)

Guilt Free

  • Supporting local industries with a healthy quota of Australian made and local products available

  • Where plastic packaging is used, where possible, we source recycled or bio-degradable

and free animal stickers! (included in every order!)

+ Oboe and Bassoon only
* Victoria only
* dependent on social distancing / hygiene requirements

+ Oboe and Bassoon only
* Victoria only
* dependent on social distancing / hygiene requirements